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    This page last updated 7/10/2020.

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    Estes Park Region Profile

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    ORIC Activity Indices

    Local Outdoor Recreation Websites


    • Latitude 40 Degrees: Boulder County Colorado Trails Recreation Topo Map.
    • Latitude 40 Degrees: Front Range Colorado Trails Recreation Topo Map.
    • Mountain Jay: Eastern Rocky Mountain National Park.
    • Mountain Jay: Western Rocky Mountain National Park.
    • National Geographic: Trails Illustrated 101 - Cache La Poudre / Big Thompson.
    • National Geographic: Trails Illustrated 112 - Poudre River / Cameron Pass.
    • National Geographic: Trails Illustrated 200 - Rocky Mountain National Park.
    • Sky Terrain: Southern Rocky Mountain National Park / Indian Peaks Wilderness.
    • US Forest Service: Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.


    • Colorado Above Treeline - Scenic Drives, 4WD Trips & Classic Hikes. By Jeremy Agnew. 2005. Westcliffe Publishers.
    • Hiking Colorado. By Maryann Gaug. 2011. FalconGuides.
    • Hiking Colorado's Front Range. By Bob D'Antonio. 2012. Falcon Guides.
    • Hiking Colorado's Summits. By David Covill and John Drew Mitchler. 2002. FalconGuides.
    • Hiking Waterfalls in Colorado. By Susan Joy Paul. 2013. FalconGuides.
    • Pack Guide: The Best Fort Collins Hikes. By John Gascoyne. 2008. The Colorado Mountain Club Press.
    • Rocky Mountain National Park Dayhiker's Guide. By Jerome Malitz. Revised edition. 2012. Johnson Books.
    • Snowshoe Routes: Colorado's Front Range. By Alan Apt. 2011. The Colorado Mountain Club Press.
    • The Best Front Range Hikes. By Colorado Mountain Club: Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Pikes Peaks Groups. 2010. Colorado Mountain Club Press.
    • The Best Hikes of Colorado. By Christina Williams, 1999. Altitude Publishing, Ltd.
    • Winter Trails Colorado:The Best Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe Trails. By Andy Lightbody and Kathy Mattoon. 2013. FalconGuides.
    • More books.

    Map/Book Stores

    Tourism Websites